Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back to School

Firing up the old blog again for a few reasons:

1. Writing is my biggest area for growth as a teacher. While I walk the walk with reading and absolutely live the reading life I encourage my kids to have, not so much with the writing. Since my classroom is a no hypocrite zone, I better get on this now before school starts.

2. The Teachers of the Internet have given me so much. It is 100% accurate to say that I would not be the teacher I am today without Twitter and all the awesome teachers on it. Blogging is my tiny way of adding to the sea of info that's out there. HOPING to share what is working for me this year right along with what isn't.
3. I plain ol' like writing, that's what!

So about me to see if what I'm writing about might be of interest to you (redux):
* I have left early ed and now teach 4th grade.
* I am incredibly inspired by my time in early ed- I truly believe it is where the real revolutions in thinking are happening. I plan on bringing that spirit of inquiry and choice into my classroom.
* I am OBSESSED with creating life long readers. Obsessed. Like, "get a hobby" level obsessed (I can't, teaching IS my hobby).
* I'm allllll about history, as well (which works out because I teach ELA and social studies!). I don't think that the way history is taught today (crammed into language arts...) is serving anyone. #unpopularopinion
* I'm at a Catholic school. It's awesome.
* I am deeply committed to the representation of all students in books and media. My community is unique in that we are about 35% Korean-American. You'd be shocked at how I have to scramble to find books that speak to my kids' experiences.

So that is me. Plus a husband, a three year old, and a 1 year old who has no plans on sleeping through the night anytime soon. Hope you'll stick around for this journey.

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