Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are You There Mimosas? It's Me, Scrappy Teacher. Also, Bring Bacon.

First day back from winter break!  Hope everyone is rested, refreshed and not hung over after New Year's.  I, for one, had an embarrassing amount of bacon and mimosas at a New Year's brunch yesterday (no seriously, imagine what an embarrassing amount is and then double it... that's close to what I had...).

Anyway, today is a quick post because my house is at the point where looking at it makes me physically ill.  And while there are many wonderful things about my husband, a good cleaner he ain't.  So I have a date with some Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Wipes this evening.

SO, today.  Kiddos were surprisingly good!  I was worried there might be separation anxiety tears in the morning after such a long break but everyone hopped right back into the swing of things, right down to cleaning up for morning meeting (weeell, rest time was a disaster but you can't win them all.  That would be greedy!).  Today I introduced a new game/center: following up on their love of names (don't all kids love their friends' names???), I brought in a cute faces to names matching puzzle activity.

Exhibit A.

I introduced it during whole group time with everyone happily participating with their piece of the puzzle.  I laid out the names, asked everyone to identity them together and then passed out pictures one by one for students to match.  Rule was: no complaining that you wanted another friend!  It went over REALLY well.  It was great for word stretching/letter-sound matching.  We have three students whose names start with J and three whose names start with E so it was fun to watch kids figure out whose name was whose based on more than just the first letter!  They had so much fun that I had to keep them from bursting out of their seats to help their friends when it wasn't their turn!*  And during free choice time, a few students made an automatic bee line to it which is always a good thing, no?

I didn't have time to introduce our new unit of study today (thought it was important to devote a large part of morning meeting to discussing what we did over our breaks) and frankly, now that I missed the chance I might just hold off till Monday.  Three days didn't really feel like it was enough time to build momentum and excitement, so two definitely isn't.  But get excited for some SQUIRREL ACTION up in 208 come next week.

Welcome back!!!  Here's to the next half of the school year- love seeing the learning explode from this point on!

* Scrappy Teacher says: "Back!  Back you beasts!  Stop crowding the girl!!"

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  1. Hi Julia! I love your blog posts on implementing PBL with Pre-K / K. We are starting to move toward this at my school and it is not an easy change. Do you still teach Pre-K / K? If so, do you have a new blog where we can read about your PBL for the little ones? Thank you!