Wednesday, September 7, 2011

nice one, perv

And day 1 is in the books!

It went well (great sentence, educator, very descriptive!).  It's always difficult to gauge the first day of school- I'm still feeling the kids out in regards to previously acquired knowledge, attention spans, etc.  And of course, no real work gets done in between establishing rules, comforting children who have never been away from their families, etc. But they seem like a mighty crew (yaaaar!), and I'm excited to get to know them.

Today in hilarity:

* I have a student in my class possessed of what most children would consider an unusual and (I guess?) hard to pronounce name.  So naturally, they shortened it.  To Perve.  As in pervert.  "Nice one, Perve."  "Cool moves, Perve."  Things I actually heard today.  I'd tell them to stop but I don't know how to explain what a pervert is to them without getting in trouble/fired/arrested.

Things that will probably interest only teachers:

What worked today: awesome assessment game for shyer kids

The first part of my year (and probably yours) is basically assessment, assessment, assessment.  I need to know where my students are at so that I can plan my lessons out accordingly.  The sooner I can get this done, the better- so I started today.  Some students I could sit down with and straight up assess while their hands were busy with play-dough, others I had to kind of trick because they were too scared, or shy or too excited about everything in the room.  SO we played this genius game that allowed to me to see how familiar they were with the alphabet.  I took out a deck of alphabet flash cards the school had lying around and 'accidentally' dropped them all over the floor.  Then I invited them to help me put the deck back together again by asking them to find letters for me as I called them out.  Worked like a charm- allowed me to see where the shyer children were at and gave me double confirmation on trouble areas for the children I had previously assessed.  Julia, you sly dog, you!

What didn't work: nothing today really

I had slight issues with one girl who seems very interested in testing boundaries and two girls who seem to have formed some sort of 5 year old, Justin-Bieber-backpack-sporting gang.  But all in all, it worked today.  I think it's still too early for me to have screwed up. ...I hope...

Final thought: it's the end of the day and my hands are still covered in paint after multiple attempts at washing them.  I must be back in school.  :)

Scrappy Teacher has been asked to clarify her statement regarding best friends yesterday by her boyfriend.  Who but a best friend would leave this masterpiece for her on her first day of work:
Text: "As you see me sleeping, drooling with my mouth open... Know that I am proud of you."
...One day, poets will sing of our love.

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