Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lazy Town

Get ready for a cop out- picture post!

It's my goal (entirely for my benefit) to post every day- I'm really interested in seeing the evolution of a class over a year. But life is life and always takes precedence and as of late I've had some pressing personal matters that needed addressing.

So until I get things taken care of, here is a laaaaazy picture post. This batch is from grandparents day (grandparents day always makes me think of Midge from Mad Men. Do you guys watch Mad Men? You should.  It's got Jon Hamm wearing hats at rakish angles in it!).  We showed them what our morning meetings look like, E. read from our 'big book' collection, we decorated cookies and topped the morning off with an art project involving concrete- the best kind of art project.  Grandparents loved it, kids had a blast and no one mistook me for a kid.  Everybody won.

Drum on drummers.  The kids specifically asked to show their grandparents our rhythm games and who was I to say no.  ON GRANDPARENTS DAY.  HOW COULD YOU?

How cute is this picture???  After decorating a giant cookie, everyone loves a good head bump with their grandma.  Bonus: Because grandparents were there I did not have to break my rule about never ever eating anything a child has made.  Germ. Fucking. Central.

C. making a memory stone with grandma.  I have no idea what these poor grandparents will actually do with these stones (Coasters? Door stoppers? Projectile weapons?) but the kids had fun making them.

Letting the concrete dry in the sun.  You can tell the coxsackie virus was still raging based on the amount of art projects here.  PS: I have totally co-opted the back of the school and no one has said anything about it...

Scrappy Teacher says, it is officially time to put the phrase 'fail' to rest, my friends. It has filtered down to my class. Today one of my students informed me that the art project we were working on that accidentally went awry was 'a fail.' Oh internet, I'm so disappointed in you.

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