Tuesday, September 13, 2011


That is the sound that appropriately expresses my current state of being.

This will be short because I'm tired, cranky, had a grand total of 7 kids today and have to prepare for 'grandparents day' tomorrow.  Ah, grandparents day.  The mother of all fake holidays.


Again, tiny group today (hehehe... coxsackie virus) so we didn't do much.  I DID get to try out a new item for my science center though.  After talking some more about our senses we explored our sense of smell with a 'scent test.'  The kids took whiffs out of little scented jars and tried to guess what they were supposed to be.  Nice science activity PLUS it tied in nicely with math as they had to match the numbers on the jars to their corresponding cards to find the answers. We also graphed our favorite scents because my group from last year loooooooved doing that.  They'd beg to graph things (NERDS).  These guys were kind of ambivalent about it- they seem so much younger than last year's crew... sniff, sniff.  But it's only September...

Today in Awwwww:
L---: Hey Miss Julia.  You know Up?  The Movie?
Me: It's one of my favorites!
L---: Who's your favorite person in the movie? Or animal because there are animals, too.
Me: Ummmmm I liked Ellie, Doug the dog, and the main character- the man who had the balloon house.  But I can't remember his name, can you?
L---: It's probably Up.  You know, because that's the name of the movie.  Up.  About the man.   The man named Up.  Up.

Scrappy Teacher looks at this smock and says, "Oh, parents.  Really?  REALLY?"

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