Monday, September 12, 2011

Coxsackie? Coxsackie!

The Scene:
So last night I didn't get into bed until 2am for a job that I technically need to be up at 6am for. I was frantically working on plans that I didn't get to accomplish over a lost weekend until I passed out at the keyboard earlier than I intended.  To compensate, I woke up early, rushed off to school, proceeded to forget 9/10ths of the things I intended to bring, scrambled at work to set up alternative plans and then greeted five children.  FIVE. Apparently over the weekend they all started showing symptoms of something called the coxsackie virus and it's incredibly contagious.

Let's talk, shall we?

1. Fuck. My. Life.  So glad I came in on under 4 hours of sleep, with two alternate sets of lessons plans, only to have to throw them both out because I HAD FIVE CHILDREN.
2. Ummmmmm what???  Google tells me that the spreading of this involves fecal matter??  AM I SURROUNDED BY POOP???  HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO MAKE THEM WASH THEIR HANDS??  MINE ARE ALREADY CHAPPING!!
3. ...Am I going to get this? Do I have it now??  OH GOD IS IT ALL OVER ME?
4.  Hehehehehehe... cocksackie...

I guess there's not much point in me telling you what we did today (five. fucking. kids.).  The only thing of note was that we started a planting project- something I usually don't do till the spring.  We were examining this bin of pinto beans and one of my boys flat out suggested the classic 'bean in a bag' experiment.  I've actually never done this, but I obviously had to capitalize on their excitement and momentum.

I know what you're thinking now but calm down, America, it's okay- I'll keep you updated about how it goes.

In conclusion: guys, I am tired.  I don't like bitching, but there you have it.  I went from work, to a confirmation class I'm teaching, to the hospital, to a rehearsal (Arthur Miller's All My Sons.  Ehhhhhhhh?). I'm done.  So done that K is actually trying to tell me about his day now and I'm still typing this. I guess he thinks I'm doing lesson plans so he doesn't mind me not focusing 100%?  I'm not though.  I'm blogging.  Bloooog blog bloggity blog.  Blog.  Okay, I'll stop now.  I feel bad.  And he might read this.

Scrappy Teacher says, happy first day of school Faithble!!!!  My big girl... and 10 PM texter!


  1. You haven't had your first lice epidemic yet have you? Those are really fun. And itchy.

  2. How much do decontamination showers go for these days?

  3. Looks like you might have a very small class for awhile.